Maintain your flaring goals while introducing new revenue streams

Oil and gas companies in the Middle East region are currently at different stages of their flare minimisation efforts. With some companies focusing on further reducing flare, some implementing best practices to sustain their current level of minimal flaring and others identifying innovative methods for flare gas utilisation it is evident that flare minimisation is on top of every company’s agenda.

Given the success of our past Flare Management series of events, IQPC is pleased to announce the 5th Flare Management and Reduction Conference taking place from 26-27 September in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This 2-day event will provide a platform for industry leaders to share knowledge, experiences and practical solutions on how to maintain their current level of flaring. Plus, professionals will also get an opportunity to identify the recent technologies for flare flow and composition measurement, innovative and cost-effective methods for flare gas recovery and solutions for flare gas utilisation.

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Join us at this year’s 5th Flare Management and Reduction Conference and learn about:

Interactive Sessions

Updates about the regulatory influences on countries to achieve flare reduction targets

Real Situation Analysis

Best practices for maintaining current equipment in order to sustain current level of flaring

ISO Technical Committee

Cost-effective flare gas recovery and flare utilisation techniques to increase operational profits

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Methods for safe flare ignition, monitoring and maintenance of flare stacks

Networking Opportunities

First-hand success stories from operators who have successfully decreased their flaring levels

Who should attend?

IQPC’s Flare Management and Reduction conference provides an opportunity for the industry key players to meet and discuss the latest developments in the industry. If you belong to the following departments you should not miss out on this event:


Process Engineering




Health Safety and Environment (HSE)


Research and Development


Project Development



From the following industries:


Oil and Gas Upstream






Environmental Agencies


Ministry of Climate Change and Environment


Ministry of Energy

Flare management solution providers including:






Flare monitoring & measurement




Flare gas transportation

A glimpse of past Flare Management and Reduction series:

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