26-27 September 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hamdy Faroun

Hamdy Faroun is an oil and gas expert who is a seasoned professional with a rich and varied background in oil and gas operations. He is the production manager at East Zeit Petroleum Joint Venture Company between EGPC and DANA Petroleum. Hamdy manages both onshore and offshore production operational activities including two offshore platforms, two onshore oil fields concessions and a tanker-ooading terminal. He has several scientific published studies focusing on flare gas recovery and process safety management. Hamdy participated at various international summits and leads international workshops worldwide to share his practical and academic experiences.

11:45 AM Innovative and cost-effective strategies for utilisation of flare gas recovery to increase operational profits

Traditionally, low-pressure gas has been disposed of by flaring into the atmosphere. Today this process is becoming increasingly unacceptable as the industry progresses towards eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases and reducing their footprint. Therefore, the demand for techniques that can safely and economically compress low-pressure gas back into the production process is rapidly increasing.

Discover new technologies that facilitate utilisation of recovered gas to enable oil and gas operators to increase their profits. It will also highlight alternatives other than compressor gas recovery units that minimise operational costs. Finally, the workshop will provide insights on technologies such as ejectors for the utilisation of recovered gas to enable flare reduction by 98%.

Attend this workshop to find out how you can make your company more profitable. Workshop leader: Hamdy Faroun, Senior Process Engineer, East Zeit

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